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Question the things you DO understand

It’s great to question the things we don’t understand yet, so we get more insight and become able to form our own picture of it. Once we ‘understand’ something though, we have the idea that we know everything about it, and that our first understanding of how it works, is the only way it could ever be.

It’s invaluable to re-evaluate the things we are certain about sometimes, so we can see if there’s maybe another way it could be, a new perspective, a new definition that is way more beneficial to us.

When you put a pizza in the oven for 4 minutes it’s warm and you can eat it. Did it once it worked, you keep doing it this way. But if you change your ‘understanding’ and change it, it could be even more tasty when you let it in there for about 15 minutes. You will never know if you do not try it in a different way than before.

Internal output, external output

Our input determines our output, that’s pretty clear, right? That’s the reason I choose so consciously what I expose myself to; like radio,tv,media in general, dumb talk,.. .

I’ve figured though that those things are only the external input, the external offered ‘hypnosis’ we could adopt. There’s also an internal hypnosis going on that is even more powerful: It’s what we allow ourselves to think, and say to ourselves internally. Our very own individual input with which we habitually hypnotize ourselves throughout each day.

‘But I think what I think.’ – Of course we cannot be aware of everything we think, and that’s not necessary at all. We always have moments of awareness where we listen to what’s going on in our heads. In these moments we simply do not allow any limiting thoughts entering our mind without questioning if they are supportive or destructive to us. It’s simply conditioning. We get the stone rolling with each ‘re-direction’ (=conscious adapting of our thoughts) .

Non-awareness is the only reason for not directing our input (external and internal) in a way that affects our psychology in the most supportive way. We choose our own hypnosis.

Are you reading your own book?

We’re all writing our own book every single day. We make up meanings for what’s happening in our lives, we chunk things and turn it into generalizations, we pick up stories we get offered by other people in our environment. We build our own world.

So, each of us writes it, you write it too- the question is, do you also take some time to read it here and then? There are stories in there we built when we were like five,six year old kids. Wouldn’t it be useful to take a look if these stories, that’re still running parts of our daily lives, are still supporting us the best they can in what’s important to us now?

When you’ve had a tough situation in your childhood in which your trust has been misused and it was painful, it’s great to have a story to not let anyone too close into your thoughts, but now this story costs us so much. All it takes is simply stopping by and flipping through the pages of our own book from time to time and check if we’re still happy with these stories which drive our lives.

If you get aware of something you’ve never really noticed or thought about, just scratch it out and write a new one. You’re the programmer behind your software. You’re responsible for their updates, keep that in mind.

Our identity is what we feel

Our identity is what we think about ourselves. It’s what we feel we are, not what other people label us.

We can be in school, still we’re not a student if we do not feel so. It’s because we act accordingly to what we think about ourselves.

When most people say you’re an incompetent worker because you handle your business differently, are you? Answer is simple; Only if you buy their story and adopt it.

A pretty extreme example is : Once I’ve heard someone say ‘Oh, so terrorists aren’t terrorists when they do not see themselves this way?’ – I think a convinced ‘terrorist’ would never think of himself as a terrorist. That person holds it for absolutely true that he’s doing something good, that he does it for people’s/god’s/the world’s best. — In my opinion their actions are absolutely horrible without any doubt, to make that clear. For someone who thinks of himself as an holy fighter or a prophet though, they’re doing something of ultimate honor. We all could have fights over the different perspectives for ever, but the fact that is undeniable is, that their behavior is based on what they think of themselves. Even though these two labels (‘terrorist’ and ‘holy fighter’) mean the same thing to most people, to those who believe they’re doing something good, it does not.

The source of our behavior, the identity we act on,  is the one we hold for ourselves.

When we hit rock bottom

Hitting ‘rock bottom’ is the point where we feel as low as it can get, where our world has broken down. We feel lost in the most important areas of our lives, and don’t see a way out. It’s pure- and overwhelming uncertainty.

At this moment happens something that- because everything seems to be fucked up, makes us feel certainty again. Certainty that we really don’t have much too lose anymore. We feel almost some kind of indestructible. The feeling arises that at this point now, we can do anything because another failure doesn’t matter at all. It can’t get much worse and it wouldn’t really hurt us anymore than we are already.

This is a feeling we can only ‘unlock’ once we’ve been there, and it’s one of the most freeing feelings we could ever imagine. We feel that it’s time for something new, and start to feel vibrant again. It’s more then hope. It’s a kiss of pure certainty that you will restart things now. Something changes in this moment.