When we hit rock bottom

Hitting ‘rock bottom’ is the point where we feel as low as it can get, where our world has broken down. We feel lost in the most important areas of our lives, and don’t see a way out. It’s pure- and overwhelming uncertainty.

At this moment happens something that- because everything seems to be fucked up, makes us feel certainty again. Certainty that we really don’t have much too lose anymore. We feel almost some kind of indestructible. The feeling arises that at this point now, we can do anything because another failure doesn’t matter at all. It can’t get much worse and it wouldn’t really hurt us anymore than we are already.

This is a feeling we can only ‘unlock’ once we’ve been there, and it’s one of the most freeing feelings we could ever imagine. We feel that it’s time for something new, and start to feel vibrant again. It’s more then hope. It’s a kiss of pure certainty that you will restart things now. Something changes in this moment.


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