Our identity is what we feel

Our identity is what we think about ourselves. It’s what we feel we are, not what other people label us.

We can be in school, still we’re not a student if we do not feel so. It’s because we act accordingly to what we think about ourselves.

When most people say you’re an incompetent worker because you handle your business differently, are you? Answer is simple; Only if you buy their story and adopt it.

A pretty extreme example is : Once I’ve heard someone say ‘Oh, so terrorists aren’t terrorists when they do not see themselves this way?’ – I think a convinced ‘terrorist’ would never think of himself as a terrorist. That person holds it for absolutely true that he’s doing something good, that he does it for people’s/god’s/the world’s best. — In my opinion their actions are absolutely horrible without any doubt, to make that clear. For someone who thinks of himself as an holy fighter or a prophet though, they’re doing something of ultimate honor. We all could have fights over the different perspectives for ever, but the fact that is undeniable is, that their behavior is based on what they think of themselves. Even though these two labels (‘terrorist’ and ‘holy fighter’) mean the same thing to most people, to those who believe they’re doing something good, it does not.

The source of our behavior, the identity we act on,  is the one we hold for ourselves.


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