Are you reading your own book?

We’re all writing our own book every single day. We make up meanings for what’s happening in our lives, we chunk things and turn it into generalizations, we pick up stories we get offered by other people in our environment. We build our own world.

So, each of us writes it, you write it too- the question is, do you also take some time to read it here and then? There are stories in there we built when we were like five,six year old kids. Wouldn’t it be useful to take a look if these stories, that’re still running parts of our daily lives, are still supporting us the best they can in what’s important to us now?

When you’ve had a tough situation in your childhood in which your trust has been misused and it was painful, it’s great to have a story to not let anyone too close into your thoughts, but now this story costs us so much. All it takes is simply stopping by and flipping through the pages of our own book from time to time and check if we’re still happy with these stories which drive our lives.

If you get aware of something you’ve never really noticed or thought about, just scratch it out and write a new one. You’re the programmer behind your software. You’re responsible for their updates, keep that in mind.


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