Internal output, external output

Our input determines our output, that’s pretty clear, right? That’s the reason I choose so consciously what I expose myself to; like radio,tv,media in general, dumb talk,.. .

I’ve figured though that those things are only the external input, the external offered ‘hypnosis’ we could adopt. There’s also an internal hypnosis going on that is even more powerful: It’s what we allow ourselves to think, and say to ourselves internally. Our very own individual input with which we habitually hypnotize ourselves throughout each day.

‘But I think what I think.’ – Of course we cannot be aware of everything we think, and that’s not necessary at all. We always have moments of awareness where we listen to what’s going on in our heads. In these moments we simply do not allow any limiting thoughts entering our mind without questioning if they are supportive or destructive to us. It’s simply conditioning. We get the stone rolling with each ‘re-direction’ (=conscious adapting of our thoughts) .

Non-awareness is the only reason for not directing our input (external and internal) in a way that affects our psychology in the most supportive way. We choose our own hypnosis.


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